Smart Questions from a smart audience (You!)

Do you all still do tours?

YES! But now we’re over at the Missouri Historical Society. In the rare case you’ve missed that info, you can click HERE to be magically transported to the new site. We’re leaving this FAQ up because it was damn funny and we’re still proud of some of these jokes. 

What should I bring?

Sense of humor,  a water bottle, and questions to stump the tour guide.

Can me and my 25 friends join?

If there are 25 spots left – yes.  If not, please call us to book a private tour!


99% of the time, the tour will go on as scheduled, regardless of weather. But in the rare event we do have to cancel, be sure you provide a phone number and email at checkout so we can reach you quickly. All tours cancelled by a Renegade will be refunded 100%.

In case you’re confused, here are a few weather-related pointers:

Raining: You’ll get wet. Bring an umbrella! And galoshes for jumping in puddles.

StormingTour may be delayed and we might change the starting location to a great bar.

TornadoWitches will die, monkeys will fly. You will no longer be in Kansas.

Snow: Wear a coat.  

Super freaking hot: Bring a water bottle and wear sunscreen, like your mom told you.