Just Brew It - STL and beer go together like all the great things that go together go together.  2-Hour walking tour of Cherokee, Lemp, and Falstaff brewing histories, with a little of that Anheuser business thrown in. Led by our favorite bearded man...Chris Naffziger.  2-Hours.  Call 314-467-8588 to inquire about tour availability.  

Downtown Architecture Spectacular - Our most popular tour, both with locals and tourists wanting an in-depth look at St. Louis history and architecture.  This tour is entertaining, informative, irreverent, and just plain cool.  You'll learn about the history of St. Louis, the buildings that make her so sexy, and the people that left their marks. Visit a battleground/Starbucks, get up close and personal with the Arch, see a defunct button/bra factory/former public library, and  gaze at the Ead's Bridge just as Walt Whitman did, a friggin long time ago.  Led by the amazing Amanda Clark or the illustrious Chris Naffziger, or maybe, if you're lucky, both. 2-Hours. EVERYDAY...9AM AND 2PM.  RESERVATIONS REQUIRED.

Forest Park, Renegade Style - Walking tour of our favorite park-bigger-than-Central-Park-thankyouverymuch. This tour explores the park's fascinating history, from prairie to World's Fair site, from city sleeping ground to crime-ridden park, to its rebirth as one of the best parks in the whole, stinkin' world.  Tour guides: Amanda Clark or Chris Naffziger.  2-Hours.  SUNDAY 9AM...RESERVATIONS REQUIRED.