Don't want to go on a public tour? Pick a tour, pick a time, and its yours. Tours can be arranged for just you or just 135 of your closest friends.  Same price, $15 bucks a head.  We offer a rad discount for groups of 10 or more. Cool, right?


Just Brew It - STL and beer go together like all the great things that go together go together. 2-Hour walking tour of Cherokee, Lemp, and Falstaff brewing histories, with a little of that Bud business thrown in. Led by our bearded man, Chris Naffziger.  2-Hours

Putting the Arch in Architecture - Our most popular tour, both with locals and tourists wanting an in-depth look at St. Louis history and architecture.  You'll visit a battleground, walk in Dred Scott's steps, get up close and personal with Saarinan's Arch, and gaze at the Ead's Bridge just as Walt Whitman did.  2-Hours.

Forest Park, Renegade Style - Walking tour of our favorite park-bigger-than-Central-Park-thankyouverymuch. This tour explores the park's fascinating history, from prairie to World's Fair site, from city sleeping ground to crime-ridden park, to it's rebirth as one of the best parks in the whole, stinkin' world.    2-Hours.


Wanna take even MORE control of your destiny?  We also offer a robust list of custom tour options.  You can choose from our existing tour catalog (see above, silly) or we are happy to create a tour based on your group's interests!  

Past customized tours:

  • Downtown walking tours for out-of-town wedding guests
  • Bus tours for large civic groups, highlighting politically and socially charged areas
  • Bus tour showcasing St. Louis history and neighborhoods for potential employees
  • Thematic history tour for travel group, including dining excursions
  • Get To Know The Neighborhood walking tour for small business employees
  • Walking tours for scouting and homeschool groups.

We love doing private tours, and have experience in all aspects of tour organization.  We can handle transportation, dining arrangements, and even create a completely personalized tour based on your group's interests.  Send us an inquiry below and we can start talking.

Throw some basic info our way below, or feel free to contact us directly at 314.467.8588. Prices vary on your needs, but we promise to be nice.