Can we hang out? I know you're dead and all, but THAT HAT.

If life allowed, there would be 1,082 witty & sassy Renegade blog entries so far.  Subjects (i.e. rabbit holes) studied so far today alone:

1.  Orphan Trains.  Attempted to read books and articles about the 150,000-500,000 (eh, but who's counting) orphaned children shipped via train from the East Coast to the Midwest during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  This topic was quickly abandoned, because Renegades can't be seen crying into their bacon sammies and bottomless cups.  Geez, history...way to be an asshole.

2.  Elizabeth Minor Meriwether.  Total badass.  Personal friend of Susan B. Anthony (of coin collecting fame), personally kicked out of Memphis by General Sherman, first woman to cast a vote in Tennessee, novelist, reporter, public speaker...just all around cool history chick.

3. Marguerite Martyn.  Long-time writer at Post-Dispatch in early 20th Century, illustrator, suffragette...again, she made being a cool STL lady long before you had your picture made at an Alive party.

3.A.  Something called the Lid Club that the lady above enjoyed writing about.  Has nothing to do with hats at the mall.

4.  Zoe Akins.  Poet, friend of Sara Teasdale (famous poet, you dummy), playwright, and early Hollywood screenwriter.  Also....THIS HAT.  THOSE EYES.  

Photo credit: Kajiwara Photo.  

Photo credit: Kajiwara Photo.  

Life calls, and I gotta go.  Peace be with you, Renegades....and go on a friggin tour already.  You'll like it, I promise.