Rainy day Grant stuffs

Hanging out with my history boyfriend, Ulysses Grant this afternoon, reading an interview done with his wife, Julia, many years after his death.  This inspires me to share two of my favorite little facts about their relationship that I love:

1)  He successfully proposed to her, for the billionth time, while crossing a flooding Gravois river, on a horse.  You also cross this river all the time if you travel Gravois near Grants Farm, but I bet no future prez's proposed to you.  Or maybe...you should give that guy a chance!  

2) On their wedding day, he came to see her (scandalous!) that morning and gave her a gift...a little photo of himself.   In the interview I'm reading today...Julia D Grant says that she lost the photo at some point, but the frame remained one of her prized possessions.