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Beer. It's What We Do.

  • Certain cities do certain things better. In St. Louis, we've been doing better beer for a looooong time. This hoppy elixir has played a pivotal role in the development of our town; it makes for a good buzz, and it also makes for a good tour. Join the Renegades to hear how St. Louis came to dominate the brewing of beer in the 1800's and how this legacy continues to influence the city to this day.

    Your guide, St. Louis architectural historian Chris Naffziger, will recount the rich heritage of the area's German-American breweries that sprang up in the 19th Century over caves used to store beer before refrigeration. The walking tour will begin at the biggest and baddest brewery of them all—Anheuser Busch— followed by the now-defunct Lemp, Cherokee, and Falstaff Breweries. These once successful makers-of-malt liquor provided luxurious homes for their founders, and you’ll see the manifestation of those profits in the (cursed) Lemp mansion and the (French-inspired) Cherokee mansion. Lastly, you’ll gaze upon the quaint urban oasis that is now Benton Park (but was once a cemetery).

    The tour will begin at the Anheuser Bush Brewery. If you’d like a nice, afternoon buzz while touring with us, you should go on the free AB Brewery tour beforehand, or if you want to
    remember most of what your guide shares with you, take the AB tour afterwards.

    Details: Start and end at the tour entrance of the Anheuser Busch Brewery. Our tour should last about 2.5 hours. 

    Cost is $15 a person (cash or charge).


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